Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Novel to be released soon.

The novel "Demon of Annwn" is still on schedule for electronic release as an e-book this coming August 1st.  We are very excited about this project.  Here is a very brief introduction to the novel:

When an immortal evil is evoked in a small New England town to destroy an ancient bloodline Arianrhod Danann and her lover risk more than their lives as they draw on the secret rites of two legendary cultures, those of the ancient Egyptians and those of the Celtic Druids, to defeat it.

After the brutal murder of her Grandmother, Arianrhod returns home only to be thrust into a world of witchcraft and black magic. There she must choose between her life in cosmopolitan Boston, or assume her birthright as the head of a clan of sorcerers whose ancestors escaped the Salem Witch Trails.

Descended from the mythic Celtic race of the Tuatha de Danann, Arianrhod is plagued by erotic memories from a former life in ancient Egypt. Through the combined magical systems of these two vastly different cultures the evil may be confronted. To do this she must decide whether to follow her heart and the man she loves or perform the ancient sexual rite of the 'Dream' with the man she recognized from her life in ancient Egypt. Only this ritual can bring together the forces needed to defeat the shape-shifting demon who stalks her and threatens all of Whitewood.

"The Demon of Annwn" draws from actual occult practices as it weaves a spell of murder, seduction, and love in a fast paced and exciting story.

Please watch this blog for details on how to order this when it comes out.


  1. My names Julius and i understand your looking for an artist? I sketch and draw objects. Ive been doing that for a while now

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